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  • Academy Awards–The Oscars movie lists such as top 100, most controversial, greatest scenes, best speeches, also film history, Oscar information, quotes, and  more
  • Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences official site of the Academy–includes award history–current and historical information about the Oscars, news, and a motion picture scripts database
  • all movie guide descriptions and ratings for features and documentaries, plot summaries, reviews, cast and director listings, also whether the movie is available on video or DVD
  • Internet Movie Database “the biggest, best, most award-winning movie site on the planet”, search by title, name, characters, plot, etc.
  • metacritic.com searchable database of reviews of film, video, dvd, television, music and books
  • Motion Picture Association of America Movie Ratings ratings by film title, history and explanation of the MPAA rating system
  • Movie Showtimes and Tickets find where and when films are showing and purchase tickets
  • Movie Trailers browsable, searchable movie trailers from more than two dozen studios
  • MRQE:  Movie Review Query Engine online database of reviews and movie blogs
  • TV Guide: Movie News information, clips and reviews of movies currently showing or soon to be released in theaters, being shown on television, or available on DVD and video
  • NY Times Movie Reviews search 15,000 New York Times movie reviews since 1960, reviews of all Best Picture Academy Award winners, as well as a guide to the best 1,000 movies ever made
  • Rotten Tomatoes movie review site that gives the consensus of professional critics nationwide
  • Yahoo! Movies information about new and upcoming releases